Founder and ceo:

All Good Things | Art of the Conversation

Conversationalist | Outlier | Speaker | Disrupter | Creator | Visionary | Artist | Storyteller

“How many years are you going to waste waiting for permission to do what you already know you should be doing?” That question has altered the trajectory of my life. I do not wait for permission anymore to do what I believe I should be doing, and that is simply why I do what I do: I gave myself permission and hope to empower others to do the same.

Being doubted by others on my journey has driven me to continue to live as an outlier. When I approach an opportunity, I leave it all on the floor. Whether that is 1:1 development, team training, speaking, or leading an executive retreat, I hold nothing back. I bring vision, inspiration, humor, empowerment, stories, practical takeaways, and accessibility in order to ensure success.

I am still naïve enough to think I can change the world. I challenge the status quo in all my endeavors, create space for vision and connection, and inspire and empower people through speaking, training, storytelling, and leading.